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mapMarkerGrey Perfect for your first or last night on a charter ...

Busy harbor that defines St. Thomas' east end

mapMarkerGrey Busy harbor that defines St. Thomas' east end...

Red Hook, St. Thomas

Busy harbor that defines St. Thomas' east end

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This place is a nice alternative to the hustle and bustle of downtown Charlotte Amalie, with most of the services still in place. American Yacht Harbor is a full-service marina with a phalanx of shops ready to extract dollars from your wallet for the goodies you crave. Because the anchorage is not really protected, it’s probably not appropriate for a long stay.


Easy enough, with no real hazards. The nav buoys are in place for larger boats and the ferries to get in and out. If you have people to pick up, you can make your way into the marina proper, and get a temporary slip (for a fee, radio ahead on VHF 16). If you have extended business to attend to, or want to stay for free, anchor in the outer bay to the south, on most charts as Muller Bay.


Muller Bay is mostly sand with some slab rock and a few coral heads. It appears that all the moorings in this area are private and off limits. Don’t even try to anchor or moor inside the harbor, as all areas are private. Drop the hook as close to the southern shore in Muller Bay as you dare in order to avoid the waves from the east. This place can get rolly, and probably isn’t a great choice for an extended stay when a swell is up, or wind is north of east.


The dinghy dock is on the lee side of E dock, on the far end. Just about everything you could need is ashore at the marina and the surrounding shops. Bars, restaurants, gift shops, ice cream stores, and the excellently stocked (though expensive) Marina Market right across the street. Take some time and walk around.

Don’t Miss:

Cold Stone’s Ice Cream. If you’ve never been, treat yourself to one of the most decadent cold dessert experiences imagineable. They take top grade ice cream then pound, swirl and massage in a variety of saliva-inducing add-ins atop a chilled marble slab. The result is ice cream heaven, and very rich. If you’ve already been I don’t need to sell you on it. You’re already there.


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