The Catalina Classic and Tourist Mecca

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Avalon Harbor

The Catalina Classic and Tourist Mecca

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Avalon is the classic Catalina experience – kitschy and touristy, but also authentically beautiful with a touch of coastal Italy. It’s a tight and busy harbor, where there is no shortage of things to do.


this is a clear and obvious approach from all angles. The big casino building on the NW side of the harbor is the obvious landmark. Keep an eye out for traffic, including large ferries.


Like Two Harbors and the other major mooring areas at Catalina, this one controlled by the Catalina Island Company, with harbor master boats patrolling and welcoming new arrivals. Check in with them to get a ball assignment. Based on your boat size, length of stay, etc.

Do you need to book ahead to get a ball on busy weekends? YES. Make reservations here.

Mooring is bow and stern, with the two lines connected by a “sand line.” If you’re not familiar with this mooring pickup process, check out the tutorial here before arriving, and it will save you some hassle or possible embarrassment.


Wow. So much to see and do. Go nuts: shopping, swimming, eating, drinking and excellent people watching. Note that the casino is not THAT type of casino, but rather a community art center where films are shown and public events are held.

Don’t Miss:

Wander the streets back into the canyons and check out the Wrigley house and grounds (still there?). Yes, those Wrigleys, the same ones who donated most of the island property to the conservancy that still limits growth and development on the island. It’s a lovely stroll, and will give you a break from the 2 for 1 drink specials on the waterfront.


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