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The Espiritu Classic

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Caleta Partida

The Espiritu Classic

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When most boaters think about anchoring out at Isla Espiritu Santo, it’s the wide, semi-protected, welcoming bay at Isla Partida that beckons them. With space enough for a small fleet, gorgeous turquoise water and convivial atmosphere, Partida is a common weekend getaway for those that call La Paz home, and great stop on any itinerary.


It’s a very straightforward approach from the west. Even if you chart makes it appear you can squeak through from the east side, you can’t. Don’t try it.


It might look like you can come into Partida, turn the corner and nudge your way up into the northern lobe, fairly protected. It’s a LOT more shallow in there than you would think, and only truly shallow draft featherweight multihulls should probably even try. The rest of us anchor along the edge of this shallow area, or in the heart of the bay. Anchoring everywhere is in good holding sand and shell, in 8-25 feet.

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There’s a sand spit and access to the east side (for fishing or swimming, possibly by dinghy, not via your big boat), a couple of pocket-sized beaches, and some options to hike if you’re feeling intrepid. Fishermen frequent the small homes/fish shacks on the spit, and will sometimes look to trade fresh water or sodas for fish.

Don’t Miss:

Getting out of here if Corumuel winds are in the forecast. Regardless of what someone has told you about the protection here, even in the northern lobe, when Corumuels kick up it can be truly miserable, with poorly moored boats dragging, bucking waves and howling winds. You’ll be much better off beating feet back to La Paz, or at least around the corner at Bonanza, or going around to the East side of Partida to anchor in limited space there.


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