A Bustling Town with Just About Everything

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Cedros Island – Village

A Bustling Town with Just About Everything

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Most will plan a stop at Turtle Bay, and somehow miss Cedros Island altogether. But if you’re needing supplies and fuel, and not into the scene at Turtle Bay, this is an excellent alternative, and in fact our preference. The anchorage doesn’t offer great protection, but in settled to moderate weather this place is a gem. Note that this is a proper port with commercial traffic and a port captain who will expect you to check in if you anchor in this area.


This is a large, open bay with no known hazards on approach. Obviously watch for harbor traffic, and avoid the breakwater itself.


Harbor entrance is not recommended, or generally allowed, for cruising vessels. You may anchor, typically in 30-40 feet, on the south or north side of the enclosed harbor, with an eye out for traffic lanes and tethered fishing gear.


This is a growing town, with additional services coming available. Some small restaurants are available, fuel (which may require panga delivery), liquor and groceries. The port captain office is on the high side of town off the main road, giving you a nice tour of this bustling tiny port.

Don’t Miss:

Getting fuel here if you need it, so you don’t have to deal with the scam artists selling fuel in Turtle Bay.