A Lovely Oasis on a Rocky Shore

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Cedros Island – Las Palmitas

A Lovely Oasis on a Rocky Shore

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Before the village was developed on the south end of the island, Las Palmitas was likely the most popular, if not only stop along this coast, due to the fresh water spring just up slope from the anchorage. This water gives this place its namesake trees and other green growth, a welcome change from the dry and scoured landscapes elsewhere.


Open from north and south.


Anchorage on a sandy bottom near shore can be had in 20-30 feet(?). This is typically a day anchorage, but can be quite comfortable overnight in settled or westerly weather.


A small sandy beach with palms. We weren’t able to locate an open spring, but found a large cistern up the slope that may have water in it – couldn’t tell.

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This might be one of your first chances to dive into clear turquoise water. The temps will be climbing as you come south along the baja, and the color of the water in this spot might be just the invitation you’ve been waiting for.