Need a quiet spot close to Charlotte Amalie?

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Flamingo Bay, Water Island (Charlotte Amalie)

Need a quiet spot close to Charlotte Amalie?

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This is a great overnight stop with good protection for those finishing a charter or conducting business in Charlotte Amalie. Although this is a small anchorage with a fair amount of commuter dinghy traffic, the views can be excellent and the holding is good.


This is the anchorage on the very southwest tip of Water Island. Approach is straightforward with no hidden hazards. The rocky shoals on the northern point are obvious, as are the exposed wooden pilings and ever-present liveaboard boats.


Anchor in mucky sand (?) in 12-20 feet with good holding. Give room on the south side for dinghy traffic going in and out of the inner lagoon, and for the dock platform on that side (although we’ve never seen it used). There is generally only comfortable room for 5-6 boats, and some of the long-term boats use stern anchors, so look closely at your swinging room.


Ashore are some houses, the inner lagoon which functions as an aquatic park and ride for those working ashore on St. Thomas, and the road over to the amenities of Honeymoon Bay if you are interested. We generally just swim from the boat, get cleaned up and enjoy a sunset against Saba Rock, Dolphin Rocks and Culebrita to the West.

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Sunsets from this spot are fantastic when the conditions are right. Get the camera out and make yourself a sundowner cocktail. Time to slow down and enjoy the quiet just a few minutes from the hustle of downtown Charlotte Amalie.


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