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BVI Center of Debauchery and Shenanigans

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The Bight, Norman Island

BVI Center of Debauchery and Shenanigans

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This spot holds the dubious reputation of being the place most sailors desire to reach in the BVI, and the place from which they remember the least. Pirates Bar/Restaurant ashore and the infamous Willy T’s in the south area of The Bight make sure of that. Throw in forty or more other boats in a similarly festive mood, and you get the picture. Wackiness ensues.


The Bight is a large, deep water natural harbor with no hidden hazards. Approach is easy from the west, avoiding only The Indians and Pelican Island if you are coming from the rest of the BVI.


The Bight is a forest of mooring balls, with plenty to choose from just about year round. All are maintained by Pirates restaurant and bar ashore, even if the color schemes and labels may vary, and a launch will come out to collect ($25 last we were there). You may anchor around the fringes of the mooring field, but the holding can be marginal and the bottom steep. It can be tricky to keep your swinging arc away from the moored boats, so we don’t recommend it.


There are a number of slender hiking paths for the intrepid, and Pirates for the thirsty. All are charming. This is a drier scrub type island, where it seems much of the eye candy is aboard other boats.

Don’t Miss:

The William Thornton II (affectionately known as the Willy T) is a real draw to this place. Dinghy on over and raft up to the floating dock attached to this refurbished old ship, now a rowdy bar and grub joint. It seems that drinking on a dilapidated, converted ship makes people drop their inhibitions. There are numerous stories (and photos!?) of perfectly respectable people jumping naked from the top of the Willy T for a TShirt. Could you be next?


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