Your private oasis right around the corner from The Bight

mapMarkerGrey Your private oasis right around the corner from Th...

BVI Center of Debauchery and Shenanigans

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Privateer Bay, Norman Island

Your private oasis right around the corner from The Bight

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With excellent access to The Bight and the Caves for snorkeling, Privateer Bay is much quieter with a better sunset view than The Bight proper. We have often been alone at this location all night, and have much enjoyed the solitude while The Bight rocks on.


Very easy with no hazards. Privateer Bay stretches from the caves on the western tip of Norman Island to the southwestern tip, the buoys strung out in the middle of this arc close to shore (the buoys right at the caves are BVI parks permit, day use only for snorkeling).


The mooring buoys are maintained by Pirates in The Bight, and they will send a launch out at dusk to collect $20 per night. You may anchor clear of the mooring balls, although the holding is questionable at best on a deep, sloping bottom. Most seem to have better luck toward the south end of the bay.


Not much. A small pebble strewn beach, and the steep cliffs with some goats for company.

Don’t Miss:

It’s an easy swim (or dinghy, or move the boat in the morning) over to the caves for some excellent snorkeling. You might want to wait until mid morning so the sun is high enough to illuminate the coral-studded wall. And watch for clouds of jellyfish in the caves themselves.


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