Multiple anchorage options for all weather

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San Francisquito

Multiple anchorage options for all weather

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This might be the place where cruisers finally feel like they’re in the northern Sea of Cortez. The scenery is spectacular, there’s hardly anyone around, the currents and tides are more dramatic, and the fishing improves significantly. SF has an anchorage for nearly any condition, and the snorkeling and fishing are excellent. While it’s often just a way station on a hurried path further north, you’ll find there’s plenty to keep you here for an extra day or two.


Wide open from any reasonable angle, although make good note of the currents, which accelerate and eddy like crazy off this point, which can make it hard to sail those last couple of miles if it’s light.


There are three main anchoring areas inside the bay, plus Las Mujeres coves just a tad north.

For SE protection (spring/summer): Choose the southern side of the open bay, anchoring in sand at 15-25 feet to the east of the prominent headland. Note that the sandy bottom ends toward the east end of the beach, as seen in the aerial. You can also anchor in the inner sanctum, which is an experience all its own. Superior protection, good holding in 10-15 feet. The narrow channel spooks a lot of people, but it’s really quite straightforward.

For North protection (fall/winter): Choose the NW corner of the bay, anchoring in sand at 15-35 feet. This is a slightly sloping sand shelf, so check your set. Swell will also wrap around the point if the wind is steady for a while. You can also anchor in the inner sanctum. Despite the channel being open to the north, we’ve found that in even a pretty serious northern blow (30+), the entrance just gobbles up the wave energy and the tiny bay stays relatively flat. It’s a sweet little spot.

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There is a small resort on the beach to the south, and a couple of private homes. One of the homeowners has offered wifi connectivity to those who needed weather data in the past. Not sure if that’s still the case. Decent hiking along the beaches and rocky bluffs along the south end, and north end between the main bay and Caletas Mujeres.

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If you haven’t been in the water for a snorkel in the northern Sea yet, this is a good spot to start. We’ve found lovely rocks and lots of fish along the northern wall, with room to anchor the dinghy, or even the mothership along there.


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