A Good way to Avoid the Overnight Between SR and SF

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Punta Trinidad

A Good way to Avoid the Overnight Between SR and SF

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Most cruisers will opt to jump straight from Santa Rosalia to San Francisquito as an overnight, or a pre-dawn to dusk motor fest. If you want to sail a bit more, and take your time, it’s possible to make Trinidad before dusk on the first day, spend a day or more, and make SF on the next jump during daylight hours. It’s a pretty place known for westerly breezes. If they’re not HOT westerlies it can be truly delightful here, and your quick overnight stop might turn into a few lost days.


Coming from south you will likely be approaching shore at an oblique angle, so watch your depth and give room to the smattering of offlying rocks along this coast. Making the turn into Trinidad is straightforward, with no surprises. Open when coming from north.


This is a large open bay with room for a dozen boats at least. The preferred anchoring location is generally tucked into the SE corner in 15 feet. Mind your tides, however. Holding is good in sand in 20-35 feet throughout the bay. Note the prevalence of westerly night time breezes here, which can often run over 25 kts.


There is often a seasonal fish camp in the lee of the prominent bulb of rock that forms the peninsula and bay. Decent strolling on the beach (? – we have not been ashore here)

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A nice way to avoid an overnight, if that’s not your bag.


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