Shallow SE Protection with a Wifi Bonus

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Nopolo – Loreto Bay

Shallow SE Protection with a Wifi Bonus

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Just 5 miles south of the Loreto waterfront, making it convenient to any north-south traveling, Nopolo offers quiet respite from SE spring/summer breezes, an attractive resort beach area, surprisingly good snorkeling, and some of the best wifi in the area, courtesy of Hotel Loreto Bay. Catching up on your favorite Netflix series while bobbing in a quiet bay? What luxury!


Coming from Loreto in the north, give room around the arroyo delta areas on the south side of town, as water shoals dramatically here. Coming from the south, you can mark the bay by the tall rock standing proud, which is also your only obstacle to enter the bay.


This standard hook of a bay is relatively shallow, and becomes much more so the further in you go. If you’re shallow draft, have at it and snuggle up. If not, go slow and find your comfort zone as the bottom very gradually and smoothly rises without any surprises. Holding is good in firm sand/clay.


Nopolo is a resort/residential area with lots of wealthy mexicans and expats. The resort hotel is quite impressive, with golf course, pool and beach rentals. There are a couple of restaurants and an overpriced gringo store for emergency supplies.

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Free wifi! You may need a booster unless you’re quite close in, but the internet connection here has been one of the most reliable and speedy along this coast (see also: Candeleros). Great for catching up with family and friends back home, busting out that work project, or researching boat parts, etc.


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