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Welcome to The Cheap Seats

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Rattlesnake – Puerto Escondido

Welcome to The Cheap Seats

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Rattlesnake is a convenient roadsted-ish anchorage along the bluff south of the channel entrance to Puerto Escondido. It allows for pretty solid north protection, but is very exposed to east or south, with just a narrow sloped ledge of sand on which to anchor quite close in. Great for getting dinghy access to the store or other cruisers at Marina Puerto Escondido. Note that the old “Waiting Room” anchorage has been closed for a few years now, and this is the closest thing to it, but not nearly the same level of protection. But still quite handy when you need it.


Open from all obvious approaches.


Decent holding in sand/shell at 20-35 feet. Make a point of checking your set and taking ranges on shore to check your position. There are some areas here with thinner sand over slab, and we’ve dragged in a solid norther. There is a section of rock slab bottom off the not-very-prominent point that divides the anchorage into two areas.

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There is a small beach and stony shore immediately nearby, and some excellent hiking up along the ridgeline and over to Tripui if you like, for access to their restaurant and a ride to Loreto if you need one. Views are outstanding. Nice beach to the south.

Don’t Miss:

Marina Puerto Escondido includes a well-stocked small market, and most importantly a good restaurant upstairs with outstanding pizza, served on the deck overlooking the marina. It’s an exceptional spot to meet with friends, grab a cold one and a few slices, and tell lies. Staff is friendly and fun. Update spring 2022: Prices for everything at the Market and the restaurant have gone up by 50-150% over the last year or so. Check menu prices before ordering.


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