An All Time Favorite, But Technical Anchoring

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Honeymoon Cove

An All Time Favorite, But Technical Anchoring

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This spot on Isla Danzante is simply gorgeous. Clear water for snorkeling, hiking trails ashore drop-dead views of the Gigante range to the west. It’s a can’t miss. However, if you’ve been lazily enjoying dropping the hook with a country mile to spare in places like San Francisco, Agua Verde, Candeleros or Bahia Salinas, you need to be ready to drop your hook rather carefully here, and monitor the breeze. It can be a tight fit.


Open from south, or from the west coming from Puerto Escondido. If coming from the north, note that the northern point that shelters the three-lobed bay of Honeymoon has a large reef/rock extending to the south 40 yards or so. That’s it.


You have three choices here:
1) Honeymoon proper, which is the northern slot, with room for basically one cruising boat to have their own private space (hence the name). In settled weather you can short scope it and enjoy this fantastic location. Most opt for a stern hook to make things more comfortable. UPDATE Spring 2022: There is apparently a line that blocks entry into this cove, to protect the reefs, beach, snorkeling areas and snorkelers, too. Have not seen this ourselves, but will rework the listing when we do.

2) The middle lobe, which has room for maybe three boats in settled weather, if they give each other room. This area has a sloping bottom of good holding sand. Most favor the southern end, although there is one rock that could potentially protrude into your swinging arc, between the southern point and the small mangrove patch. Make sure you get a bead on that one and watch for a northerly breeze.

3) The southern lobe is a gem, nearly round in shape with good anchoring in sand in about 15-20 feet. It LOOKS like you will be too close to shore in this position, but in reality there is more room than you think. There is one nearly awash rock on the NE side of this nook that you should locate before dropping the hook, and give it some room.


There are some lovely small beaches, and an excellent network of short hiking trails that cover the northern end of the island, including dropping down to the stony shore that connects to the northern most tip of the island. The views, as expected, are quite lovely, with come excellent photo opportunities capturing your boat in this absurdly attractive location.

Don’t Miss:

Just waking up here is a treat, but no day is complete without jumping in the water. The giant rock that forms the reef off the northern entrance is rightfully popular as a pre-coffee snorkel stop, as it is an easy swim from any of the lobes, and teeming with 25-30 species of fish in good numbers. Enjoy!


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