Remote and Beautiful Beach with Good Snorkeling

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Monserrat – Yellowstone

Remote and Beautiful Beach with Good Snorkeling

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Monserrat sits between Isla Catalan and the Baja shore, about 10 miles East/SE from Candeleros. It’s an excellent stop over heading north or south, and typically less crowded than the Baja anchorages along this coast.

Yellowstone Beach (named for the small yellow cliffs and rocks that back the white beach) is a large and attractive bay with good protection from Southerly weather and some excellent snorkeling spots.


The large sand flat that extends from the north end of Monserrat generally runs 25-40 feet deep, but there are clumps of rocks and ridges here and there, so navigation requires vigilance in this area. Give the Galera islands lots of room, as numerous rocks and shoals are littered around the area, and extend further north another 1/2 mile to the visible rock/shoal marked on most charts. Once clearing either the west or east point of Monserrat (both of which have rocks extending 50 yards or more), your nearshore avenue is wide open to choose your location. There is a prominent rock marked on moth charts about 1/4 mile north of the beach in the center of the anchorage, but as far as we can tell this only indicates the large cluster of rocks on the bottom there, as opposed to a hazard to navigation.


Anywhere along the beach is great, in 15-25 feet over sand, avoiding the few clusters of rocks. The western end is mostly bright sand, the eastern is darker sand (with a mustard/green colored fuzz over it), but the holding is good everywhere.


This is a spectacular beach, popular for day charter visits and pop-up tent parties. Great for a run in the morning, and some limited hiking/exploring in and above the arroyos.

Don’t Miss:

Snorkeling with sea lions out at Islotes Las Galeras. If the timing is right (spring/summer? – avoid mating season for sure), these curious and agile swimmers will sometimes come for a visit while you’re snorkeling out at the islands. Take a camera, and steel your nerves. They are gentle, but still wild animals that deserve respect, but if they come to you, it’s an experience of a lifetime.


Q Can we easily snorkel the offlying islets to the north from Yellowstone?

Yes, in settled weather this is an excellent excursion for snorkelers of all levels. Sea lions are often present, and can be quite playful.


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