Your Return to The World of Connectivity

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We stayed at this wonderful anchorage for three nights. It was beautiful, offered good protecti...

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Your Return to The World of Connectivity

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Candeleros is a lovely anchorage with southerly protection a short 7 miles south of Puerto Escondido. It’s a common stop on the trip north from La Paz, and not necessarily for the good holding and picturesque bay. It’s because this is the first place in nearly 150 miles where you can pick up a cell signal and/or the wifi from the resort. Hello, friends and family?


If approaching from the north, there is one prominent rock, above water, directly north of the anchorage off the Ligui headland. If coming from the south, you make the choice of coming between Punta ? and the southernmost islet, or just to the north of that islet. Either way is clear. Note that north of the anchorage, near the middle “Candelero” (candlestick) is a prominent pinnacle that reaches to 7.5 feet at low tide. It’s very small, but could be a nasty surprise if you are deep draft.


This bay becomes very shallow, VERY quickly. You may be tempted, if not watching the depth sounder, to drop the hook well up into the bay. Unless you are a multihull with retractable foils, not a good idea. Anchor instead in 15-20 feet in excellent holding sand.

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There is a large all-inclusive resort ashore (Village Palmar) that typically allows cruisers ashore to dine or shop in the mini market. Check with security at the beach/pool, and they will escort you to the front desk to clear you in. Some evenings the dinner musical show can be clearly heard in the anchorage, but noise almost never goes later than 10pm.

In the south end of the bay is a panga landing and the short walk to the fishing village of Ligui, where a few small businesses are found. The beach between here and the resort is an excellent walk or jog.

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Catching up with the world, your work, friends and family via the interwebs. Civilization! NOTE: As of summer/fall 2020, we were having trouble connecting to the resort wifi from the boat. Cell reception is still excellent, however.


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