Welcome Stop on the Outside of Bahia Concepcion

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Los Pilares

Welcome Stop on the Outside of Bahia Concepcion

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Moving north from San Juanico in the spring (or south in the fall), there are not many decent anchorages along this stretch. LOTS inside Bahia Concepcion, but if you’re wanting to keep moving, best to stay on the outside and minimize your extra miles. Los Pilares is perfect for this in the right weather, and it’s a snug little fish camp cove with good holding.


Don’t hug either of the entrance points north or south, but otherwise, quite clear.


The bay is fairly large, but much of it covered in rock. There is an excellent spot near the middle of the bay, however, with space for 2-3 friendly boats, although you will probably be alone. Good holding sand, typically in 10-15 feet. If wind has a lot of east in it, expect waves to wrap around the point.


An active fishing camp during the season, and possibly some hiking trails (but we have not explored).

Don’t Miss:

Take a snorkel break. The rocks in the southern end of the bay, and the south point, are loaded with fish, including lots of leopard grouper of different sizes.


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