A Dramatically Beautiful Summer Camp Setting

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El Burro Cove – Bahia Concepcion

A Dramatically Beautiful Summer Camp Setting

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El Burro is centrally located in the pocket of coves in the north central area of Bahia Concepcion, offering protection from north and west, but open to the SE. In stronger north winds, partial breeze and some wind chop will wrap into the bay, as it does in Coyote to the south. While this place is torturously hot in the summer, fall is pure delight. The water is still warm, the nights are cool for sleeping. The only drawback is the highway noise, which is nearly constant.


The various islands and rock islets that make this area visually stunning are easy to spot and avoid. The only tricky one is Santispac reef, which a major charting company that shall remain unnamed (but rhymes with “dummyonics”) chose to remove in recent years when cleaning up other bogus hazards on the charts for this area. It is a dangerous underwater reef in the middle of many natural routes between locations here in the bay. MAKE SURE to find this and mark it on your chart plotter (we have it at BLanK N BLANK W). Otherwise, approach is clear and simple to navigate visually.


This is another bay with a quickly shoaling sandy shelf, so it’s not possible to get very close to shore. Choose your depth at 15-25 feet or so, in good holding sand, but circle around and watch your plotter so you can make sure you have enough depth as you swing toward shore. This sloping bottom also means you’ll want a bit more scope than normal if it’s going to be breezy from west or NW. If it’s gonna honk out of the north, you’re probably better off in Santispac, or tucked up as far north as you can here in Burro.

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The shore is lined with a funky but charming collection of beach cabanas, most owned by seasonal expats from up north. There is a kayak/sail rental joint, a sports bar of sorts at the north end, and across the highway is JC’s Restaurant, with decent food and excellent margaritas. Could be worse.

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This is another good place to give your galley slave a break and head across the street to JC’s. The margaritas are legitimately some of the best in Mexico, and the fish or shrimp tacos are good enough to be worthwhile.


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