Big Pocket Anchorage with Colorful Bluffs and Nutty Snorkeling

mapMarkerGrey Big Pocket Anchorage with Colorful Bluffs and Nutt...

Small Pocket with Big Fish

mapMarkerGrey Small Pocket with Big Fish...


Small Pocket with Big Fish

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Cobre is a spectacular and secluded outer anchorage on Carmen’s eastern arm, just south of Painted Cliffs. A rocky bottom precludes getting fully tucked in behind the point, so the protection is limited. But in settled weather this could quickly become your favorite, and the collection of HUGE Leopard Grouper is unlike any we’ve seen anywhere, and Yellowtail fishing can be very good along this shore in season as well.


Open from north or south, with deep water right near shore.


Protection, such as it is, is from West and South. Anything with any east in it will certainly wrap around. Even south weather of any size will do the same. Your inclination may be to move closer into the shore, but beware the clusters of rocks that may foul your anchor. We drop in 2? feet in sand, and enjoy the ride.


Some minimalist hiking paths and rock scrambles are available for the more intrepid crew to tackle. Possible to spot borrego, but we have yet to.

Don’t Miss:

Snorkeling along the point, if visibility is good. In particular, there is a house-sized boulder that sits almost by itself on the inside of the point, and seems to attract at least a dozen curious Leopard Grouper, all over 25 lbs at least. Curled up in the fetal position and still, these fish rose up to investigate us as we floated just a few feet above them. Stunning.