Easy Anchoring for an Entire Armada

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Bahia Salinas

Easy Anchoring for an Entire Armada

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If you’ve tired of the small keyhole and overly-cozy anchorages in this area, and the technical anchoring techniques these places sometimes require, Bahia Salinas provides a welcome change. This place is truly HUGE, with room to anchor 50+ boats without a problem. There are picturesque but crumbling ruins of a salt operation ashore, partly commandeered by a modern hunting lodge facility that periodically welcomes groups. Nearly centered in the bay is an excellent snorkeling distraction, the wreck of a 70 ft fishing vessel quite close to the surface and chock full of fish.


If approaching from the north, make sure to give Punta Perico at least a quarter mile clearance, as there are dangerous rocks off this point. Otherwise, wide open. Navionics shows incorrect artifact land masses and small islets ringing the shore here. There may be some small sand bars near shore, but nothing we’ve seen that matches the dangers shown on the chart.


Anywhere you wish, with as much room as you could possibly want. Most anchor in 15-25 feet over sand and small grass. Holding is excellent. Note that while you are protected from waves everywhere but south here, northerly wind will accelerate through the gap and the salt flats, and tear through the anchorage. If heavy northerlies are expected, you are much better off at Punta Perico, just 2 miles SE.


The ruins of the salt operation here are quite fascinating, and open to view IF you check with the caretakers/staff of the hunting operation when you land. Don’t just assume you can walk all over the place without word from them, and the new buildings are off limits. But it seems their paying groups of guests are few and far between, so most days you can explore (carefully and respectfully) the ruins and the salt flats themselves, and get lots of good pics.

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Grab the camera and get some interesting detail pics from the old settlement’s office and medical buildings, the old water tower and more.


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