Shockingly Good Snorkeling Right Off The Beach

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Bahia Marquer

Shockingly Good Snorkeling Right Off The Beach

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Marquer is often overlooked, as it lacks the better weather protection of some neighboring anchorages, and is particularly open to the North. But during Spring/Summer SE breezes, this place is magical. The breeze coming over the island is mostly cool, and does a great job of pushing surface water out of the bay, starting a conveyor belt that pulls from the deeper, cooler water just offshore. The result is a clear cool swim and snorkel spot of dramatic beauty, above and below the water.


Marquer is most often approached from either Puerto Escondido to the South or Loreto to the North. Both approaches are wide open, with the normal caveats about cutting too close to major headlands. There is one underwater ridge with a pinnacle rock to the NW of the anchorage, about .5 mile out, that should be marked on your chart. Navionics indicates 6 foot depth at the top of one peak, but we haven’t been able to find anything that dramatic.


The anchorage is quite deep up until the turquoise shelf that runs along the shore. As such, it’s typically a single file line of boats along the shore in 15-25 feet, with the exception of the slightly wider area near the gray beach on the south end. If you choose to come in close, take great care to not damage any of the extensive coral beds in shallower water.

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There’s a short beach for walking and some limited hiking ashore (although the island is private), and rare viewings of the Big Horn Sheep (Borrego).

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Snorkeling, of course. The proximity of deeper water, constant currents and a settled sand bottom give Marquer its well-deserved reputation for excellent visibility. What’s more surprising is the extensive reefs that run along the shore, with healthy coral and a thriving nursery of smaller fish and rays. This is an ideal place to snorkel with younger crew. Take your time and explore.


Q Are bees a problem here?

It varies from year to year, and even month to month, but in summer of 2020, the bees were kinda nuts here.


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