A Keyhole Anchorage With Great South Protection

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A Keyhole Anchorage With Great South Protection

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This small cove just a couple of miles south of Chamela Bay is a cozy little nook with excellent protection from the south. W to NW swell, however, can be a problem. If the weather is conducive, this tiny cove can offer a few days of true paraiso (paradise).


Only one way in, starting immediately north of Punta Etiopia, the prominent rocky peninsula justing westward out below the scattered rocky islets that mark the southern boundary of Chamela Bay. Best to wait until you’ve lined up a visual on the sandy beach at the head of the cove, before turning in. This will keep you out of trouble. While the passage is fairly narrow with rock walls, it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. If it’s a washing machine in here, turn around. You don’t want to be inside in those conditions anyway.


Once into the inner cove, there is room for 1-3 boats here, depending on how they’re anchored. Drop the hook in 15-20 feet of sand with some areas of cobble.


There is a private residence ashore. Don’t go unless you’re invited. Great swimming, snorkeling and lounging opportunities on the hook, though.

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Just getting in here, at least once, is worth it for a night. It will also help you brush up on your precision anchoring techniques.


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