Rare Mid-Coast Island Anchorage

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Bahia Chamela – Isla Pajarera

Rare Mid-Coast Island Anchorage

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This lovely island is just a couple of miles, but a world away from the “hustle and bustle” of Perula. Ha! Well, there might not be any hustle to Perula, but this island anchorage is indeed even MORE peaceful. Good snorkeling, dinghy wandering, some limited hiking and wildlife viewing (mostly birds). It’s a little visited jewel.


Easiest from the East side, coming from Perula/North Bahia Chamela, curl around the tip of the island, between shore and the obvious rock tower to the south. It seems to be clear water all around in 25-60 feet. Incidentally, there is also clear passage between BOTH islands and the mainland shore here, if you’re moving north or south in the bay. But for Isla Pajarera, you will find a small cove about .25 miles along the interior shore.


Anchoring is good in sand from this cove to the east end of the island, and even a bit further. There is typically room here for 5 boats with decent spacing.


There is a small beach in the cove, with very limited hiking/goat trails up into the hills. Excellent birding here, so bring the camera.

Don’t Miss:

Snorkeling among the various reef and rock areas. It’s common, especially in the winter months, to find excellent visibility here, with lots of nooks and crannies for fish. Watch for day tripper panga traffic, however.