Marina Cay, Tortola BVI

This charming stop is near the top of the list for lots of boaters, and for good reason. It’s a well-protected, breezy little island hideaway with plenty to offer the visitor, or full-time hotel guest.



Marina Cay is protected by a reef on three sides, only open from the west. Be careful if approaching when the light is low or in front of you. If coming from the west or south (Trellis Bay?), stay closer to Great Camanoe Island and look for the red buoy marking the western edge of the reef, then curl up into the anchorage. If coming from the east, you may round the north side of Marina Cay, as long as you spot the conspicuous rock marking the eastern end of the reef and give it wide berth.



The anchorage is on the Great Camanoe side of the island. Pick up one of the dozen or so mooring balls (paid for ashore), or anchor in clear sand well away from the moorings in 8-25 feet of water. Make sure to keep the area around the T dock clear for traffic.
Good Anchorage

marina cay, near tortola bvi


Pusser’s pretty much runs the joint, and the company store is packed full of their clothing and other knick knacks, surrounded by charming resort accommodations. Take an afternoon and explore the island, shop, sniff the numerous flowers, swim in protected waters, and end with a painkiller on the porch bar near the top of the island. The sunset views are outrageous. Nightly barbeques promise to fill up the crew. At the full-service dock you will find fuel, ice, water and garbage disposal (short walk). Laundry service and showers are also available. There is also a free ferry running to Trellis Bay.


Don't Miss:

Happy hour on the old porch of the Robb White House. Grab a high-octane painkiller (you dial in the prescription strength in ounces, up to four (!)), and drink in the view as the sun starts its drop to the west. There is fun live music just about every day, and the breezes flow as freely as the rum.

arina cay, tortola

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