Near the airport, but without the insanity of Trellis Bay

mapMarkerGrey Near the airport, but without the insanity of Trel...

Pusser's Rum has it's own little island it seems...

mapMarkerGrey Pusser's Rum has it's own little island it seems.....

Sure, there are plenty of moorings and it is close to the airport, but who the heck wants to sm...

mapMarkerGrey Access the airport island style...

Trellis Bay, Beef Island Airport

Access the airport island style

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Coming into the narrows between Beef and Camanoe Island(s), you will notice two virtual forests of masts. To the north is Marina Cay, and on the south side is Trellis Bay. Navigation in this area has changed a bit with the airport expansion a few years ago, and one must pay attention. It is recommended that boats with mast height over 50′ check with BVI aviation authorities on VHF 16 before approaching Trellis Bay (although we have never been able to raise anyone), and keep well to the east of the new yellow markers off the end of the runway and the shoal areas around Bellamy Cay. Red and green buoys form a clear channel into the heart of the anchorage on the east side of the bay, clear of all hazards.



Unless you have a VERY shallow draft boat, you will be picking up a mooring here in Trellis Bay, paid for at the restaurant on Bellamy Cay or ashore at De Loose Mongoose. Moorings are tight, leaving not a lot of privacy, but that’s not why you came here anyway, now is it? Shallow draft vessels might be able to find some space in the east southeastern area of the bay, although it can get pretty hot behind the huge bulk of the eastern end of Beef Island and bugs are sometimes a problem close to shore.



Chances are you came to Trellis Bay for one (or more) of four reasons: To pick someone up at the airport, literally steps from the beach, to sit down for cocktails and conch fritters at De Loose Mongoose, To do some shopping for funky artsy crafts at any of the shops that line the beach, or to get rowdy and uninhibited at the eclectic mix of bar/shop/restaurant/inn/museum of Bellamy Cay. Go nuts.


Don’t Miss:

Conch fritters at De Loose Mongoose. Really. We know there are a lot of good recipes out there, but this is the currently favorite spot. Easy Dinghy access, horseshoe pits, outside seating, and an excellent staff make this a truly enjoyable place to soak in the BVI charm, not even a five minute walk from the doors of the airport. Excellent Pain Killers too.

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Sure, there are plenty of moorings and it is close to the airport, but who the heck wants to smell jet fuel and listen to airplanes take off and land? There were plenty of what looks to be abandoned boats either moored or grounded. Definitely the ugliest places to spend a day or evening. Definitely a sheltered cove. That’s about all I can say about it.

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