First access to cash near bus stop

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Back alley grub at its finest

mapMarkerGrey Back alley grub at its finest...

An Unexpected Irish Connection

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Accessible Beach Town with Imposing Swimming Guest

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Accessible Beach Town with Imposing Swimming Guest

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Cuastecomates is a lovely place to get away from the action at Barra, and also holds the distinction of being Mexico’s (North America’s?) most accessible seaside resort town. This place is completely set up for disabled travelers, and their families, so they can come to this quite beach town and partake in all the fun without the hassled normally presented by Mexican village infrastructure. Hats off to them, and it has resulted in a beach getaway that appeals to ALL of us.


Located about a mile north of Melaque, on the other side of the prominent headland that creates the bay at Melaque. It’s an easy approach, except that you can’t really see the village until you’re just about around the corner. You just have to trust that it’s there.


Nice open bay with plenty of room. Probably best to avoid the area around the reef, about half way in the headland side, a hundred meters or so out into the bay, as this area gets some traffic during the day and you don’t want to foul the reef, or your anchor. Instead, drop the hook anywhere else you like, including the next bay to the north, in sand/coral mix at about 15-25 feet.


It’s a compact, but pleasant town with shoreside palapa restaurants, a handful of shops and the usual makings of village life. Note, however, that unlike Barra or Melaque, the whole place seems to wrap up business and become a ghost town after 5pm. Promptly. This includes ALL of the beachside restaurants. At least that’s been our experience. But after all, you came here to get away from all that noise and silliness anyway, right?

Don’t Miss:

Snorkeling over the reef and along that wall. If visibility is good, it’s a pleasant, if not jaw-dropping snorkeling spot. Keep in mind there have been verified reports of a local croc swimming in the same area (literally through the anchorage), so keep an eye out. There have been no reports of any unsavory incidents, however.


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