Get Out of The Weather, Discover a Whole Other World

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Punta Belcher, Bahia Magdalena

Get Out of The Weather, Discover a Whole Other World

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Bahia Magdalena (or Mag Bay to many gringo cruisers) is a well-known stop to get out of weather and rest, especially for northbound boats. But there’s a lot more to this place than just a quick rest stop. There are multiple anchorages, skinny waters to explore if you are shallow draft, and the funky community of San Carlos if you are in need of fuel, food or entertainment. We have friends who piloted their catamaran all around Mag Bay, and into the network of narrow channels on the north end, eventually exiting in rather exciting fashion through the channel and bar crossing far to the north. A bit more adventure than many would choose.


Entrance is clear of hazards, but you should keep an eye on the surf, which can break heavily along the rocky shore here, and the current, since there is A LOT of water backed up in this huge estuary. On larger tides the current at the entrance can easily be 4+ kts. After clearing the corner, take your pick of any number of anchorages. We’re just listing this one (Punta Belcher) to get you started.


Drop anywhere you like in good holding sand in 15-30 feet.


Honestly, we’ve never been. Someone help us fill in the blanks here.

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Getting some good rest after thrashing about in the open Pacific for a few days straight, whether north- or southbound. It’s a welcome respite, and allows you to finally unclench your core. Also a good place for a swim, and maybe a bottom cleaning.


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