Excellent, Well Protected Bay with Room for The Sixth Fleet

mapMarkerGrey Excellent, Well Protected Bay with Room for The Si...

Bahia Santa Maria

Excellent, Well Protected Bay with Room for The Sixth Fleet

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The annual Baja Ha Ha makes its second stop here, and for good reason. It’s a huge bay with excellent protection from the dominant north and NW weather, with room for everybody. There are a few surf breaks to keep you interested, and a gorgeous beach that stretches for nearly a dozen miles.


Entrance is clear of hazards, but you should keep an eye on the surf, which can break heavily along the rocky shore here, refracting and reflecting back to create serious chop. Once inside the bay proper, most will head to the NW corner near the river outlet. Mind the depth sounder, as sandbars here shift all the time.


Drop anywhere you like in good holding sand in 15-30 feet.


Getting ashore is easier than many of the anchorages along this coast, as the bay’s orientation squishes most of the swell. Still a good idea to pay attention. Most find it easiest to motor into the river, if depths allow, and pull of the dinghy in the flat water there. Otherwise, on either side of the river mouth can be the spots with the least swell.

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Time to stretch those legs! This is an exceptional beach for run or loooong stroll with the crew. Sand dollars galore, and feisty crabs defending their territory. It’s often pleasantly warm here too, out of the main thrust of the breeze.


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