Surfers and Whale Watchers, Look No Further

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Punta Abreojos

Surfers and Whale Watchers, Look No Further

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Long known as a whale watching center, Punta Abreojos is the nearest sizable village near the Laguna San Ignacio, one of the prime calving grounds of Gray Whales. Every winter (Dec-Mar), mothers and calves are found in crazy numbers in this large protected sanctuary, safe from the sharks and orcas out in open water. With a guided panga tour, observers can get amazingly close to these gentle giants, providing a once in a lifetime experience. But Abreojos has much more to offer, with a friendly fishing community, growing commercial enterprises, and basic supplies.


There are a few clusters of off-standing rocks near the point, giving this place it’s name (literally “Eyes Open”), so make sure to give the point good clearance, and anchor further inside the bay.


Decent anchorage can be had off the main beach, where panguero fishermen haul their boats up at the end of their work day. Sand bottom 20-30 feet. Mind the swell, and the potential for a reversing (SE) breeze to kick up during fall months.


Very much the same as Ascension to the north, landing in a dinghy can be tricky if the swell is up (even out of the NW, which will wrap into the bay a bit). It’s typically best to look for where the fishing pangas are making their daily landings, and copy them (but stay out of their way). The town is also spread out, but many stores and restaurants can be found in a pleasant walk. There is a Pemex station 2 miles out of town, but you can probably find (unfiltered, dirty) fuel from the helpful fishermen on the beach or in town.

Don’t Miss:

Besides the obvious whale watching tour (in season), The point that forms the bay at Abreojos is home to a few excellent surf breaks. Don’t miss this chance to while away a few days, or a week, feeding your surfing jones and soaking in the uncrowded scene.


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