It says turn to port after you go under the bridge, you would be south bound at that point, and...

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Glorietta Bay

First Row Seat for Coronado Playtime

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Glorietta Bay is a small but very popular anchorage tucked into the small bay on Coronado Island (really a sand spit, but that’s a story for another time). Great spot to access the charming Disney-like streets, shops and restaurants of Coronado, get in some surfing or swimming across the strand on the Pacific side, or just enjoy the typical afternoon breeze and watch the traffic go by.


After passing under the iconic Coronado Bridge, turn immediately to starboard and stay within the marked channel. After 1/4 mile, the channel bends to the right and the anchorage area begins here on the corner, marked by yellow buoys.


It is surprisingly small, so it requires some thoughtful anchoring neighbors in order to fit more than a dozen boats here. Technically it’s approved for 20. This is another designated 72 hour anchorage, with permits easily available online here.


You can typically land a dinghy on the shore near the boat ramp, or to the backside of the rental dock in the heart of the harbor (red roof) if you make it worth the dock boys trouble. Either place gives you access to the beach on the other side, and the many restaurants, pubs and shops of Orange Avenue in Coronado.

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Take a tour of The Del Mar Coronado Hotel, a classic orgy of wood and 1880’s charm that sprawls over the enormous beach. It’s one of a kind, and the scene of many hollywood films, probably featured most heavily in the Marilyn Monroe sensation “Some Like It Hot.”

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Starboard, Not Port

It says turn to port after you go under the bridge, you would be south bound at that point, and Glorietta is on the west side of SD Bay. So the turn would be to starboard. Definitely do not go out of the marked channel, there is very shallow water just outside of it, even near the bridge. Be cognizant of the tide when transiting this area, don’t plan on going anywhere if it’s below 1′. If you make the mistake of following the directions given in the article, you end up in the Navy’s ship yard, part of 32nd Street Naval Base, a restricted area, nothing to see there, keep moving.

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Thanks for catching the error. Fixed April 28, 2023.


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