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One Sails Mexico

New Sails - Sail Repair & Maintenance - Unique Products

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Mexico Sailmakers – OneSails loft was founded in 2016. The goal is to be the best service workshop in Mexico.

It is located in the warm waters of the Mexican Pacific in Bucerias/Puerto Vallarta area.

In 2020 Mexico Sailmakers joined the OneSails group. This decision was due to the technological advantages offered by One Sails. For example, the use of 4T technology does not use film or glue. This is a great advantage of durability for sailors in the tropics. Along with great sail technology, they have a great worldwide network of sails lofts and a top-level design team.

One Sails Mexico offers FREE PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF OF YOUR SAILS at any marina location in Banderas Bay. Excellent value!


Q Can you pick up my sails from my location?

We offer FREE pick up/drop off of sails from any marina location in Banderas Bay. Customers are also welcome to ship their sails to us for service and we will ship them back to you. Anywhere!


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