Hang Out Just Below the Nose

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Punta Colonet

Hang Out Just Below the Nose

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A great overnight stop to get out of typical NW weather, Colonet appears on the chart as a large nose projecting from the coast. Catch up on some sleep and enjoy the sunset.


If coming from the North, clear Punta Colonet by a 1/2 mile or so, and you should be good. Coming from the south is even less interesting. There is a light high on the north side of the point, but you can’t really make out the tower during the day, or at all from the south.


Most boats end up near the collapsed arroyo that splits the large bluff on the south of the point. It has been said to avoid the blow that can come through this gap in certain conditions, but truthfully this whole area is pretty wide open to pick the spot you like. Anchor in 20-30 feet over sand and shell. If you venture too far into the bight, you will find the water shoals rapidly, with sand bars and some surf.


There appears to be a ranch/farmstead to the East, but we have not been ashore to explore. Let us know if you do!

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This might be your first Pacific sunset at anchor in Mexico! Enjoy your favorite libation and pat yourself on the back. You made it!


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