How to Use The Online Cruising Guide

using the online cruising guide

First, we would suggest you get yourself a computer and an internet connection. But you’re already here. Right. Check.


Cruise around the guide and click on anything that seems interesting. Most of the charts have text and other areas that are links to more information. The great thing about using the web for a guide is that we can make it (hopefully) intuitive to navigate, and the information you seek will be available from just about every page related to that info. No flipping through a hundred pages or scrambling back to the index again. We’ve got a lot of stuff packed in here, so tunnel in deep for the good stuff. Don’t worry about a slow connection. We’ve gone to great lengths to keep file sizes to a minimum so your pages will load quickly.


You can also save time by going to the site map, or using the pull-down menu in the upper right of every page to go directly to the island or anchorage you seek. We also have a Google search feature built into the home page, so you can find that beach bar you think you remember was on that one island with that leaning palm tree on that white sandy beach.... yeah, you know the one. Maybe you just remember the name of the bartender or a specialty drink. Try the Google search, and it’ll probably get you there.

Some of the things you will find:
Anchorage details
Bar/Restaurant/Business details
Goods and services pages for islands or island chains covering marinas, provisions, fuel, water, trash, customs/government offices, currency issues, banks and ATMs, ground transport, airports, weather and such
Legends for all the detail charts
Advice on anchoring and mooring
The lowdown on great dive and snorkel spots, hikes and other adventures
GPS waypoints (more below) COMING SOON !
A place where you can sign up to be notified when areas of interest are updated/added
And LOTS of great photos!

Use the GPS waypoints pages to collect waypoints for your trip. We’ve tried to match these with the popular Caribbean Yacht Charts whenever possible, and the waypoints should provide you with a safe-distance-off location. From there you will be able to make out defining features ashore or nav aids to pilot yourself in.

Which brings us to common sense. If you haven’t read our disclaimer yet, do it now. We are providing you with lots of good info, but you have to use your head. Don’t ever blindly punch GPS waypoints into a chartplotter and hit auto-steer. Check for hazards. Hand steer. Watch the shore and passes and always know where you are. Grabbing the wheel and feeling the boat under you is better anyway.

So you find all the info you want, but the islands are a few hundred (maybe a thousand) miles away and you don’t have any idea when you’ll have an internet connection again? No worries. That’s why we have all the detail type pages in PDF format (or will soon), so you can save them to your computer to access them later. On approach to, say, Jost Van Dyke, you can call up the PDF file for White Bay and make your plans for the afternoon. Make sure to grab the Goods and Services pages too.

And if you want to help us keep this guide up to date, we encourage you to contact us with suggestions or changes to information. The world moves pretty fast, and although we will always make this a more current guide than any printed version, we may need some help from time to time. Contact us!


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