Thanks for cruising around our guide. We have spent hours, and will spend many, many more, building a site that is hopefully both beautiful and informative. The Online Cruising Guide is intended as a supplement to accurate navigational charts from Caribbean Yachting, British Admiralty, US National Ocean Survey, the US Hydrographic Office or some such other reliable source. Keep these charts updated and accurate yourself.

Do NOT use our charts to navigate. Use them to inform yourself, plan your trip, plant your dream.

While we have tried to make all of our charts as accurate as possible, and will even include"safe distance off" GPS waypoints where they would be helpful, a good number of our charts are not to scale and all contain anecdotal information that is bound to change year to year. We will continue to do our best to update as often as possible, but it is important that you rely on your own navigation skills and common sense first.

The creators of the Online Cruising Guide make no warranties, express or implied, as to the particular accuracy of any of the information contained herein. Nor for any errors or omissions or changes in information.

Let us know if you have any questions or problems at all by emailing us. Thanks!