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Ahhh.... Virgin Gorda. This island is all about beauty and repose, although having approached it from a number of angles, and indeed circumnavigated it, we still can't see the Fat Virgin lying on her back that inspired Columbus' unique nomenclature 500 odd years ago. Maybe we need to circle out at sea with a poorly-fed all male crew for six weeks or more, then take another look?


Virgin Gorda is mostly a long, stringy island with the most popular bits at either end. You've no doubt seen the numerous photos of people frolicking at The Baths, the enormous jumble of house-sized boulders and shimmering pools near the south tip. And if you've seen photos of almost electric blue water with alarming clarity, chances are good it was shot up in the North Sound or it's little sister, Eustatia Sound. All are worth a long look, as well as the many charming spots in between. So take your time, look around, slow down and enjoy Virgin Gorda. Click on the chart for more details of some of our favorites... If you're looking to book a catamaran in the islands this season or next, you might consider a class with West Coast Sailing School to Get ASA Certified in San Diego, CA.

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