Leverick Bay, North Sound Virgin Gorda, BVI

On the southwest shore of the sound, Leverick Bay is a great stop for ice and reprovisioning, without the expense of the Bitter End. There is a fuel dock, restaurants and a small mall of shops, but the colorful buildings remind you that you are in the islands the whole time.



If entering the sound from the north, Leverick Bay is almost directly south of your last red buoy. You will easily spot the collections of houses creeping up the hillside in the sun. There is deep water right up to the shore, and a mooring field out front. Basically, you can't miss it.



There are plenty of moorings around, with a deal worked out for those who purchase items/meals ashore from some of the businesses (just ask). You may anchor clear of the moorings in 5-10 meters of water and a decent bottom, but beware the fetch if a strong wind kicks in just north of east. You may end up with an uncomfortable chop.

leverick bay in virgin gordas north sound


Plenty to see and do here, for a sleepy little community. Most people are reprovisioning, and head to the group of stores and restaurants that surround the harbor itself. A small market is on an upper street a short walk away, and the Dive BVI center is located right on the main dock. Ice and fuel are easy to find too.


Don't Miss:

Jumbies on a rowdy night. This place is right on the beach, a charming classic island bar with an enthusiastic crowd on a "jump up" night. You'll be able to hear them when it's happening. Dive in and enjoy a true island experience!.dive bvi in leverick bay

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