Eustatia Sound, Virgin Gorda BVI

One of our all-time favorites, and a great spot to lose the crowd at the classic North Sound anchorages, Eustatia is a hidden gem. Or it was, until we made this guide. Oops. Slip around the north end of Prickly Pear Island, and you may have the place largely to yourself, but with great access to The Bitter End, world-class snorkeling, and other attractions.



From the North side of Prickly Pear, or through the sometimes narrow channels around Saba Rock. Either route requires diligence and a good lookout. We don’t recommend coming by Saba and then turning to the NW and into the anchorage, although you can with good light. Lots of shoals here, especially to the NW of Saba Rock.



We would not recommend this area for deep draft boats, except entering the sound from the NW, and anchoring off the beach close to Prickly Pear on the NE side. For Cats and shallow draft vessels, just to the north is a spot with excellent holding in sand at various depths depending on where you end up. there is a charming beach on the south side of the roadstead, but we prefer the excellent holding and electric blue waters to the north side, just behind the protection of the reef, with Eustatia Island to the east. Many anchor out in the sound proper, on the east side of Eustatia Island. Make sure to give yourself swinging room no matter where you end up, as coral heads abound.

view of necker island from eustatia sound


You won’t find much. Eustatia Island is private, but you have full access by dinghy to the wonders of the Bitter End. The beach on the NE side of Prickly Pear is excellent, and there is a secluded beach in Oil Nut Bay on the very farthest east end of the sound. this is great for walking and watching nurse sharks, feeder fish and pelicans all wrestle for existence in the shallows there.


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Snorkeling in the sound. Any of a number of locations will be excellent, depending on wave action and swell. Strong winds out of the NE can stir up sediment, but generally the visibility is great. Pick any of the cuts that go out the protective reef on the north boundary of the sound and find a sandy spot to anchor the dinghy in 10-15 feet of water. Then flop over the side and oil nut bay, far end of eustatia soundexplore the full, healthy gardens of coral, sponges, sea fans and all. Decent number of fishes and changes in scenery as you swim out through one of the cuts. Make sure to give due consideration to the current if snorkeling in any of the cuts. Go shallow or stay out all together if the current is outgoing.

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