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The Online Cruising Guide offers the advertiser a direct connection to the consumer you seek: Affluent, well-traveled, educated, and a discerning shopper of goods and services who is not afraid to open his wallet. We might not be the only way to access this market, but The Online Cruising Guide is highly targeted, and offers a tremendous value when compared with other media.


While most magazines will cost you upwards of $15,000 for just one month, you might not even get the targeted exposure you're looking for. The Online Cruising Guide is geared toward people who are ACTIVELY researching an upcoming trip to the region, and the vast majority report that the banners and advertising buttons are a welcome, informative addition to their experience. Additionally, almost all report that they are more likely to visit the local advertisers directly during their trips. This is because the information our pop-up windows provide is requested from the user when they click on the ad button, and helps to make their cruising experience the best it can be.

Boaters are in general a web-savvy bunch, who are largely fed up with poorly targeted flashing banner ads and obtrusive pop-ups. They have better Internet connections and spend more time online than average, and are not fooled by simple advertising ploys. They find our hand-selected ads are a complement to The Online Cruising Guide experience, not a nuisance.


Travel is the largest sector of the online market. Cruising Boaters are more connected than other americans, and use the Internet as their primary tool for researching travel destinations. The information in our guide proves equally attractive and useful to land-based tourists and boaters.


This makes the Internet the perfect way to market the whole area to the traveling consumer. This is equally true for larger, broad-appeal businesses (like an airline) as it is for smaller, local businesses (a beach bar). When we paint an attractive picture of the destination to entice the user (our job here at The Online Cruising Guide), an effective sale benefits all businesses. And if they have your business details in hand early on, you bet they'll visit!


Online travel advertising is the great equalizer for "the little guys." You can spend a reasonable number of dollars and have the same impact on the user as a billion dollar multinational corporation.


In addition, advertising on the Internet:
      Is cheaper than peanuts
      Avoids the generalization of traditional media
      Allows personalization and highly-targeted messages
      Pays for itself if you gain only a few new customers every year


What features/information do users want in a travel-research site?:
      Maps 64%
      Weather info 44%
      Destination Photos 43%
      Attractions and Activities info 43%
      Restaurant Guides 41%


Sound familiar? It's almost exactly the formula we are offering the users of The Online Cruising Guide.


So what are you waiting for? We have limited space for advertisers in every section of the guide, and look forward to developing long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our marketing partners. Get in now as the ground swell builds. It's going to be a great ride for all of us!


The Demographics information on this page is based on a compilation of survey data from a number of sources, which include:
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2 Nua Internet Surveys; IWS for World Travel Internet Conference 2007
3 Sail Magazine Subscriber Survey, 2003
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Worldwide, the Internet had 30 million users in January of 2001. As of December 2005, that figure passed One Billion.2


Online sales increased 25% in 2005 over figures from the year before.2


Over 28% of on-line transactions are travel related, and over 200,000,000 searches a month are performed specifically for travel related services and products.8


94% of all connected users access the Internet to research travel.1


40% of all travel by US citizens was booked online in 2007.1


Online travel is growing at 4 times the rate of the overall total travel market (this represents 24% growth in the US, 49% in the UK, 31% in Asia).2


In the UK, Internet advertising is up 66%, more than 10 times the increase of the nearest competing media (outdoor, at 5.8%). More "traditional" ad media are suffering losses.2


Sailors and Boaters are built for online marketing:

94% have Internet/email access.3


85% of boaters have high speed broadband Internet connections.4

         Compared to US average of 55%.4


14% of cruisers actually have computers on their boats as of 2003, with nearly 30% growth yearly among cruising sailors = approx 54% in 2008.5


78% use the Internet to research boat related goods and services.3


45% access the Internet regularly for sailing info.3


55% buy sailing related products directly over the Internet, 18% directly from manufacturer.3


Over 50% charter, and plan to book a trip in the next 2 years.6


80% participate in cruising, and based on planned purchases (EPIRB, radar, watermaker, windlass, etc.), over 70 % plan to cruise abroad extensively in the near future.5


Household income of over $150,000 US.6

Been boating for over 20 years average.7

95% are college educated.3


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