About The Online Cruising Guide

We figured it was about time somebody got off the couch and delivered a cruising guide that takes advantage of all the web has to offer. Turned out that somebody was us. We're building a guide that will inform, entertain, and stay current much better than the print versions that are essentially out of date before they are even published. And get this: It's FREE! Thought you might like that part.

So take a look around and see what we've been working on. This is Version 1.0, with only a limited portion of The Online Cruising Guide (The Virgin Islands) up and running, with big plans to flesh this thing out over the next few years or so. Here's what we have to offer so far:

  • Anchorage Information including color charts
  • Advice on Approaches
  • Dining and Entertainment
  • Shoreside Activities
  • Marine Services
  • Transportation
  • Customs & Immigration Information
  • Housekeeping (Trash, Fuel, Water, etc.)
  • Lots of great Island Photos!


If you're interested in advertising, we can offer you highly targeted exposure at a fraction of the prices of printed guides, sailing magazines or online competition (if there is any). Take a look at our Advertising Page and Demographic Information, then contact the Online Cruising Guide to join us...

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