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Looking for an escape? Sailing in the Virgin Islands is hard to beat. Trade wind breezes, white sand beaches, quiet gentle anchorages with nothing to do but soak up the sun, or a bustling island village with plenty to do...


But you need to make plans, and you want details - and we've got them. We'll help direct your approach, anchor, and show you the best each anchorage has to offer, with updated color charts to back it all up. And did we mention it's FREE?

Free Online Cruising Guide Eastern Caribbean


Virgin Islands cruising grounds are full of fabulous hidden anchorages, and many popular VI classics too. We intend to cover them all, with the details you need:

  • Approaches, Navigation, etc.
  • Anchoring and Anchorages
  • Shoreside Attractions
  • Food and Fuel sources
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Downloadable PDF charts

The Inside Scoop

There are many Virgin Islands cruising guides out there, but what we offer is dynamic, updated, interactive and most of all, FREE. We knew you'd like that part. With constant feedback from locals and cruisers that are actually out there, you can expect:

Cruising Photos

Nothing fuels the dream of slipping those docklines more than photos capturing the puffy clouds, fine breezes, white beaches and clear waters of far away destinations. We've got those. But we also bring you the other photos you need to complete the picture:

  • Beaches and Snorkeling
  • Towns and Airports
  • Storefronts and Streets
  • Boats and People
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Downloadable PDF charts

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